Seth Rollins Breaks John Cena’s Nose

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Seth Rollins Breaks John Cena's Nose by Jon David Guerra Seth Rollins Breaks John Cena's Nose by Jon David Guerra

Seth Rollins Breaks John Cena’s Nose! Get­ting back into the Mon­day Night Raw thing again…slowly. I’ve been really busy get­ting things started with the New Night­mare Pro Wrestling story arc so I haven’t really had a chance to sketch out what’s been going on in the world of wrestling. How­ever after see­ing Rollins break Cena’s nose I felt the need to draw it. I’ll be doing Mon­day Night Draw again reg­u­larly but in a dif­fer­ent format…more on that in a future post.

Here are the dig­i­tal pen­cils, inks, final ver­sion of the sketch. Tried to do each as quick as pos­si­ble and lim­ited my self to only spend­ing thirty min­utes work­ing on it as a morn­ing warm up sketch.

Bronarr: Space Barbarian

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Bronarr: Space Barbarian by Jon David Guerra
Bronarr: Space Bar­bar­ian! Did some fan art for a char­ac­ter in the NEW Strange Kids Club Mag­a­zine, that I’m very excited about. His name is Bronarr: Space Bar­bar­ian! I love the other four Strange Kids Club Mag­a­zines and was even apart of two of them. Issue five looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun, go check out the Mag­a­zine over on Kick­starter and back it! I already did!




Devastator Dragon Fan Art

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Devastator Dragon FanArt by Jeremy The Artist
Dev­as­ta­tor Dragon Fan Art! I love get­ting fan art! It’s always an nice extra lit­tle inspi­ra­tional boost to keep me going and cre­at­ing Night­mare Pro Wrestling comics. Check out this amaz­ing Dev­as­ta­tor Dragon fan art by Jeremy The Artist! I just love the pose and atti­tude of the piece! Thanks again Jeremy for the art­work I really appre­ci­ate it! Check out more of JTA’s amaz­ing work over on his Web­site!