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Sketching Cute Girls

Sketching Cute Girls published on No Comments on Sketching Cute Girls

Girl Sketches

Haven’t drawn girls in a while so I thought I’d draw some for my warm up sketches.
I was very strict with my time and gave myself 30 minutes to do all the sketches.  Didn’t get to finish them all,
found myself fiddling with the design of the wrestler for a little longer than needed, YES I drew a wrestler, of course I did!
She’s the one saying: “I’m going to kicked your butt.”
Also made some quick little notes for myself of what I liked, what I didn’t like, what could have been better, and what look out for next time.
Drawing the wrestler makes me want to do a fun all women Pro Wrestling comic.  Maybe I’ll set up a match for
Luna and Britney Nightmare for the Halloween Hellraiser
pay-per-view I got planned.

Rodan warm up sketches!

Rodan warm up sketches! published on No Comments on Rodan warm up sketches!

Rodan Sketches

Here’s some more Kaiju warm up sketches. This time of RODAN! Had a lot of fun with these. I just imagined him as a giant, chubby, Muppet and it all came together.

I asked if anybody else wanted to draw Rodan and my friends David DeGrand and C. S. Jennings stepped up to the plate with some awesome sketches. Those two never cease to amaze me with their work.

David DeGrand Rodan Sketch C.S. Jennings Rodan Sketch


Godzilla Sketches!

Godzilla Sketches! published on No Comments on Godzilla Sketches!

Godzilla WarmUp Sketch

Some warm up sketches I did of Godzilla. Tried to keep it fun and quick. Based the  face on the 1974 Godzilla, which is my favorite Godzilla of the Showa era.

The sketches were inspired after seeing my friends C.S. Jennings and David DeGrand ‘s AWESOME Godzilla sketches.

C.S. Jennings Godzilla David DeGrand Godzilla

Morning Sketches.

Morning Sketches. published on No Comments on Morning Sketches.


New Comic book sketches 1

Just testing out a new style for another project I’m working on. Messing around with lines and trying to get things to look a little more realistic with as few lines as possible. Not that I’m planning on going realistic, just more realistic than my NPW work. Ideas aren’t completely solid yet on this project but I’ll be posting up things as they develop.

Blue Exorcist-Warm up sketch.

Blue Exorcist-Warm up sketch. published on No Comments on Blue Exorcist-Warm up sketch.

Quick warm up sketch of Rin from Blue Exorcist. One of my favorite animes. Tried out some new line techniques and coloring techniques with this one. I am hoping to eventually doing a more finished piece.

Took about 25 minutes, with color.

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