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Aleister Black

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Wow, haven’t posted in a long while. Thought I go ahead and start up again by doing a post on the Morning Warmup sketch I did this morning.
I’ve been doing quick Warmup sketches every now and then right before I jump in to Nightmare Pro Wrestling comic pages.
This one is of Aleister Black. Been a fan of Tommy End from what I’ve seen of him on PWG. He’s got a cool look and I’m really liking what he’s doing now that he’s in NXT.
I’m really looking forward to seeing his Pro Wrestling career grow in the WWE.

Here’s the sketch with progressions line work, starting with a quick sketch, getting in some detail, adding in final details, colors, and adding shadows.

Aleister Black quick sketch.

Aleister Black, adding in details.

Aleister Black, adding more details.

Aleister Black, inked and flat colors.

Aleister Black, Final with shadows.

Only God Forgives – Movie Sketch

Only God Forgives – Movie Sketch published on No Comments on Only God Forgives – Movie Sketch

Only God Forgives-Sketch

“Only God Forgives” Movie Sketch.
I’m a big fan of Nicolas Winding Refn’s movie “Drive” starring Ryan Gosling. When I heard that they both were going to make another movie together called “Only God Forgives”, I had to check out the trailer as soon as it came out. Really excited for this movie! The visuals, just like Drive, look amazing. There’s this one shot in the trailer that I based my sketch on. It just had to be done!
Again focused on speed. Tried doing the sketch as quickly as possible. Also focused on design this time. Tried to make it look as cool as possible with what little time I had. Finished sketch clocked in around 20 minutes.

Christian Bale Sketches

Christian Bale Sketches published on No Comments on Christian Bale Sketches

Crazy Christian Bale Sketches

I was on vacation since last Thursday and didn’t really get a chance to draw. Now that I’m back I needed to get into my drawing groove so I decided to do some random warm up sketches. This morning I had a conversation with Nicole about Christian Bale so I thought he would be interesting to draw.

My first inclination was to draw him realistic but where’s the fun in that? I quickly told myself to have fun and try drawing him in my style.

Highlight of the sketches, drawing his nose. He got an interesting nose. I also decided to give the majority of the sketches crazy eyes. It just seemed like the right thing to do.

I’m also posting the Bale pics I used for the sketches just for comparison. I went with 3 of my favorite  movies that he’s starred in. Reign of Fire (a guilty pleasure), Dark Knight, American Psycho, and then went with a random pic that showed up on the image search.
Random Bale pics

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