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Goldust and Stardust

Goldust and Stardust published on No Comments on Goldust and Stardust

Goldust and Stardust by Jon David Guerra
Goldust and Stardust! Another interesting Raw this week. A lot of things happened to build up the Money in the Bank special event as well as the growing feud between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. We got another cool promo from the Wyatt Family (I love that Harper is becoming a part of their promos), and I started to get a little worried. Not of what would happen during the matches or who would qualify for the last spot in the Money in The Bank but what was I going to draw for this week’s Monday Night Draw sketch?!?? I was already on the verge of doing another Wyatt Family sketch with an idea of one developing with Reigns, or Ambrose and Rollins but I’ve done a lot of Wyatt/Shield sketches and wanted to do something different. Then it happened!

Goldust came out to the ring to face Rybaxel with his “new” tag team partner, STARDUST! Cody Rhodes is now all painted up like his brother with his own variation of the Goldust character, Stardust. I’m not sure if I’m a 100% on board yet, I need to see more, but his look and actions in the ring had me interested enough for me to want to sketch him and Goldust in this week’s Monday Night Draw.

I wanted an interesting composition with this sketch and focused on making them a little more realistic while still keeping their design fun and still threw in a little of my cartoony style when it came down to proportions and likeness. I added in some texture to the background which really adds to the overall appeal of the images, creating a subtle focus on the characters while also giving more interest to the background. Really happy with this week’s Monday Night Draw.

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