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SOLD! CM Punk vs Randy Orton on RAW

SOLD! CM Punk vs Randy Orton on RAW published on No Comments on SOLD! CM Punk vs Randy Orton on RAW

CM Punk vs Randy Orton by Jon David GuerraCM Punk vs Randy Orton by Jon David Guerra

CM Punk vs Randy Orton on RAW. I’m back to doing ‘Monday Night Draw’ sketches, where I sketch out my favorite thing that happened on WWE’s RAW. This week’s Raw was pretty good! It had some good matches and we all finally got to see the debut of the Wyatt Family. Three things stood out to me this Monday Night Raw, a great match between Daniel Bryan and Sheamus, the debut of the Wyatt Family, and a great CM Punk vs Randy Orton match. I went with Punk and Orton this time since I haven’t drawn either in a while. My last sketch involved Daniel Bryan and I’ve drawn a couple of the Wyatt Family recently. I thought it would be fun to draw CM Punk with his new look and really push myself for a more dynamic approach to him hitting his finishing move the ‘Go To Sleep.’

You can pick the sketch for $35, which includes shipping!
Original 9×12 sketch. Done with pencil and brush pen, on Bristol Board. Only one available.

To pick it up just fill out the contact form below with the Subject: ‘CM Punk vs Randy Orton sketch’ and send it. I’ll send you an invoice via PayPal and BAM you got yourself a sketch!

*This sketch has been SOLD! 

Christian Bale Sketches

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Crazy Christian Bale Sketches

I was on vacation since last Thursday and didn’t really get a chance to draw. Now that I’m back I needed to get into my drawing groove so I decided to do some random warm up sketches. This morning I had a conversation with Nicole about Christian Bale so I thought he would be interesting to draw.

My first inclination was to draw him realistic but where’s the fun in that? I quickly told myself to have fun and try drawing him in my style.

Highlight of the sketches, drawing his nose. He got an interesting nose. I also decided to give the majority of the sketches crazy eyes. It just seemed like the right thing to do.

I’m also posting the Bale pics I used for the sketches just for comparison. I went with 3 of my favorite  movies that he’s starred in. Reign of Fire (a guilty pleasure), Dark Knight, American Psycho, and then went with a random pic that showed up on the image search.
Random Bale pics

Sketching Cute Girls

Sketching Cute Girls published on No Comments on Sketching Cute Girls

Girl Sketches

Haven’t drawn girls in a while so I thought I’d draw some for my warm up sketches.
I was very strict with my time and gave myself 30 minutes to do all the sketches.  Didn’t get to finish them all,
found myself fiddling with the design of the wrestler for a little longer than needed, YES I drew a wrestler, of course I did!
She’s the one saying: “I’m going to kicked your butt.”
Also made some quick little notes for myself of what I liked, what I didn’t like, what could have been better, and what look out for next time.
Drawing the wrestler makes me want to do a fun all women Pro Wrestling comic.  Maybe I’ll set up a match for
Luna and Britney Nightmare for the Halloween Hellraiser
pay-per-view I got planned.

Monday Morning Sketches

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Ryback & Sin Cara sketches

Did some warm up sketches of WWE’s Ryback and Sin Cara.

Ryback looks like a monster and everytime I see him I always think of the Jerry Lawler quote: “Never get into a fight with an ugly guybecause an ugly guy has nothing to lose.”  

Been a fan of Mistico/Sin Cara and was talking about his return over the weekend, so I thought I’d try drawing him too. Ran out of time and didn’t get a chance to draw him doing something a bit more high flying. Maybe next time.

The sketches took around 25 minutes but I’m hoping to getting them down to 20 and under. Things seem to be back in order so be on the lookout for some new NPW pencils soon :D

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