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The Brood

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The Brood by Jon David Guerra
The Brood! We’re at the final Monday Night Draw Halloween edition and the final sketch is of Edge, Gangrel, and Christian, The Brood! My favorite stable during The Attitude Era that I feel didn’t get pushed to their full potential. They looked cool and had my favorite entrance, where they would rise from the stage through a ring of fire and had this awesome music. I always liked these guys and wish they had used them more and little better. I always find it interesting that The Brood was the beginning of both Edge and Christian and The Hardy Boyz, who all went on to have great careers.

Been wanting to draw these guys for a long time but never really got a chance to. Pushed my Nightmare Pro Wrestling style on them a lot. For fun and for practice, as I’m going to be starting up the NPW comic again soon. Might even print one of these for myself!

Happy Halloween!

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