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Christian Bale Sketches

Christian Bale Sketches published on No Comments on Christian Bale Sketches

Crazy Christian Bale Sketches

I was on vacation since last Thursday and didn’t really get a chance to draw. Now that I’m back I needed to get into my drawing groove so I decided to do some random warm up sketches. This morning I had a conversation with Nicole about Christian Bale so I thought he would be interesting to draw.

My first inclination was to draw him realistic but where’s the fun in that? I quickly told myself to have fun and try drawing him in my style.

Highlight of the sketches, drawing his nose. He got an interesting nose. I also decided to give the majority of the sketches crazy eyes. It just seemed like the right thing to do.

I’m also posting the Bale pics I used for the sketches just for comparison. I went with 3 of my favorite  movies that he’s starred in. Reign of Fire (a guilty pleasure), Dark Knight, American Psycho, and then went with a random pic that showed up on the image search.
Random Bale pics

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