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NPW Updates for the rest of December

NPW Updates for the rest of December published on No Comments on NPW Updates for the rest of December

NPW Updates for the rest of December.  Hey Nightmare Pro Wrestling Universe! I just posted the latest webcomic page and it’s a week late. So here’s what’s going on, I originally had created a few pages in advance as a buffer so I wouldn’t miss any posts, I’m out of that buffer. I have recently taken on a few commission and freelance illustration jobs that have had to take priority over the comic for a bit. What does this mean? I will not be posting up pages for the rest of the month of December. When will I start posting again? I’ll start posting again in January….when in January? I’m not too sure yet.
I want to create another solid buffer so I won’t miss any updates again.
All of my Commissions and freelance jobs should be done by the end of December so I’m hoping to get pages finished up around that time as well, doing a little here and a little there as I work on those jobs. I will make sure to keep you all posted.

Thanks again for all the continued support!
Hope everybody has a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Page 9 Digital Pencils

Page 9 Digital Pencils published on No Comments on Page 9 Digital Pencils

NPW Page 9 Digital Pencils

I’ve been starting to add some more detail to the pages lately. The positives have been that I’ve been very happy with the pages and feel that they have been evoking the atmosphere I want for the comic. The downside, of course, is that it’s  taking longer to put out the pages.

Strange Kids Anthology Update!

Strange Kids Anthology Update! published on No Comments on Strange Kids Anthology Update!

SKC Real Ghostbusters Comic
Page 1 of my finished Ghostbusters comic for the Strange Kids Club Anthology #3.
Created a mixture of the cartoon with bits and scenes from the first movie.
Here’s a link to the digital pencils and inks for this page, that I posted a while back.

Grave T-Shirt Design!

Grave T-Shirt Design! published on No Comments on Grave T-Shirt Design!

Grave Tshirt

In other NPW Universe news, we are starting designs on Nightmare Pro Wrestling T-shirts. The above pic are the digital pencils of the  first Grave T-shirt. So far I have plans for three shirt designs, one for Grave, Grim, and Devastator Dragon. The goal of the shirt designs is to make them really cool so that even if you don’t know anything about the comic you’d still want to pick one up but  still referencing the comic, monsters, and wrestling. Feel free to let know what you think of the design.

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