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STAPLE! The Independent Media Expo!

STAPLE! The Independent Media Expo! published on No Comments on STAPLE! The Independent Media Expo!

Staple! Independent media expo

Nicole and I will be tabling at Staple this weekend, March 3 and 4th. I’ll have all three Nightmare Pro Wrestling issues, the NPW 3 packs, and Some buttons. Nicole is bringing her book “Zaddison and the Mysterious Dark,” and her newly made Zaddison dolls!  Stop by and check it out, there should be a lot of great stuff there! Want some for info, here’s a really good article about the show:

Nightmare Pro Wrestling Comics  ZADDISON books and dolls


Morning Sketches.

Morning Sketches. published on No Comments on Morning Sketches.


New Comic book sketches 1

Just testing out a new style for another project I’m working on. Messing around with lines and trying to get things to look a little more realistic with as few lines as possible. Not that I’m planning on going realistic, just more realistic than my NPW work. Ideas aren’t completely solid yet on this project but I’ll be posting up things as they develop.

Page 2 Digital Pencils.

Page 2 Digital Pencils. published on No Comments on Page 2 Digital Pencils.

Blog post, NPW Issue 4 Page 1 digital pencils.

Here are the Digital pencils for page 2. I’m really happy with how the first six panels turned out.

For this sequence I wanted to recreate the action and motion of a wrestling move called a Springboard Hurricanrana. The original idea I’d sketched out in the thumbnails didn’t really work since three panels weren’t enough to get the action and movement I wanted.

The video is some of the reference I used for this sequence. Exaggerating the movements really helped get the look I was going for and making the panels more kinetic looking added to the overall action.

In the non-actiony panels, I tried to think of the most dramatic way to draw tagging in your partner. I might be the anime overload I’ve been on lately but the forced perspective seemed to work just fine.

I’m really happy with the way the page turned out despite some small headaches it gave me at the beginning.

Keep an eye out for the Inks of the page. I’ll be posting those later this week.

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