The Dragulas


Dragulas - Nightmare Pro Wrestling by Jon David Guerra
The Drag­u­las! I’m cre­at­ing some new mon­sters for the next Night­mare Pro Wrestling story arc and here are three of my favorites. A trio of Vam­pires: Moe, Moxie, and Slick! They’re mov­ing up to the main ros­ter so be on the look­out for them to play a big part in the next NPW comics. I’m really proud of the design of the char­ac­ters and how well their sil­hou­ettes turned out. I’m really look­ing for­ward to draw­ing them more as they cre­ate mis­chief within Night­mare Pro Wrestling. Check back often as I plan to post up some more char­ac­ter designs!




AJ Lee Returns

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AJ Lee returns - Jon David Guerra
AJ Lee Returns! A lot of wrestlers returned on this week’s Mon­day Night Raw. Seems like after the news that Daniel Bryan might be out longer than expected they blew the WWE mag­i­cal wrestler conch shell and quickly sum­moned back AJ Lee, Jeri­cho, and The Miz (a maybe on The Miz?).  I picked AJ as the sketch for this week as I’ve been want­ing to draw her for a while. Plus I don’t usu­ally draw women and wanted to get some good practice/studying. I was a lit­tle wor­ried at first that I wouldn’t be able to catch her like­ness but she turned out way bet­ter than expected. The only prob­lem I ran into was keep­ing her look­ing fem­i­nine while still look­ing fit. I reme­died that by not putting so many lines on her mus­cles, espe­cially on her abs. AJ has crazy abs but I had to down play them a bit for the sketch. Hope you all enjoy the sketch.
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Goldust and Stardust

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Goldust and Stardust by Jon David Guerra
Goldust and Star­dust! Another inter­est­ing Raw this week. A lot of things hap­pened to build up the Money in the Bank spe­cial event as well as the grow­ing feud between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. We got another cool promo from the Wyatt Fam­ily (I love that Harper is becom­ing a part of their pro­mos), and I started to get a lit­tle wor­ried. Not of what would hap­pen dur­ing the matches or who would qual­ify for the last spot in the Money in The Bank but what was I going to draw for this week’s Mon­day Night Draw sketch?!?? I was already on the verge of doing another Wyatt Fam­ily sketch with an idea of one devel­op­ing with Reigns, or Ambrose and Rollins but I’ve done a lot of Wyatt/Shield sketches and wanted to do some­thing dif­fer­ent. Then it happened!

Goldust came out to the ring to face Rybaxel with his “new” tag team part­ner, STARDUST! Cody Rhodes is now all painted up like his brother with his own vari­a­tion of the Goldust char­ac­ter, Star­dust. I’m not sure if I’m a 100% on board yet, I need to see more, but his look and actions in the ring had me inter­ested enough for me to want to sketch him and Goldust in this week’s Mon­day Night Draw.

I wanted an inter­est­ing com­po­si­tion with this sketch and focused on mak­ing them a lit­tle more real­is­tic while still keep­ing their design fun and still threw in a lit­tle of my car­toony style when it came down to pro­por­tions and like­ness. I added in some tex­ture to the back­ground which really adds to the over­all appeal of the images, cre­at­ing a sub­tle focus on the char­ac­ters while also giv­ing more inter­est to the back­ground. Really happy with this week’s Mon­day Night Draw.

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Cesaro Strut

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Cesaro Strut by Jon David Guerra
Cesaro Strut! A few notable things hap­pened on Raw this week like, Daniel Bryan being stripped from the World Cham­pi­onship, Seth Rollins explain­ing why he betrayed The Shield, and the announce­ment that the Money in The Bank event will be for the now vacant WWE World Cham­pi­onship. This week’s Mon­day Night Draw is inspired by one of the Money In The Bank qual­i­fy­ing matches that took place to see who would be in that match and one of the matches was between Cesaro and Rob Van Dam. Cesaro has been doing this puffed up chest strut to the ring that is so over the top it’s awe­some! I’ve been want­ing to draw it for a while so what bet­ter time than now?!

I orig­i­nally was going to cre­ate this with mul­ti­ple images and pan­els much like the last one I did of Rollins betray­ing The Shield, but then I wanted to take on the chal­lenge of cre­at­ing the appear­ance of his strut in a sin­gle image.

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Seth Rollins Betrays The Shield

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Seth Rollins Betrays The Shield by Jon David Guerra
Seth Rollins Betrays The Shield! Once in a while the WWE will deliver on a sur­prise that is so unex­pected that you can’t believe it hap­pened. That’s what hap­pened this Mon­day Night Raw when Seth Rollins turned on The Shield. It was crazy and totally unex­pected! The WWE totally got me. They had been teas­ing Ambrose as the one that would break up The Shield a while back and have been spot­light­ing Reigns as a future cham­pion, so if it was some­body that was going to leave you thought it was going to be one of those two…or at least I did. I do think that was one of the rea­sons behind Seth’s turn though. It wasn’t who you thought would betray The Shield. Despite it being a lit­tle sad to see them break up, the poten­tial of amaz­ing matches between The Shield against each other and against other top guys totally gets me amped! I feel we are one more Heel turn from see­ing Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns and that would be pretty cool.

I did a multi-panel Mon­day Night Draw sketch this week. Focused on key events of Seth’s attack and betrayal. I tried to make the images fluid and tell the story with as lit­tle info as pos­si­ble. I also tried to stay with the idea of using as lit­tle lines as pos­si­ble to get everybody’s like­ness. Hope you enjoy it!

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