Dean Ambrose

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Dean Ambrose tears contract - Jon David Guerra
Dean Ambrose! I have to admit I actu­ally didn’t see this episode of Raw, it was even here in Austin and I didn’t attend either. From what I’ve read the show wasn’t that great except for a cou­ple of matches. I saw an image on Twit­ter of Dean Ambrose tear­ing up Seth Rollin’s Money in the Bank con­tract and that was pretty awe­some. I had to draw that for this week’s sketch!

I quickly checked out the clip on just so I could make sure to know what was going on and then started the sketch. I went about this sketch a lit­tle dif­fer­ently. I’ve been very  busy with get­ting the next Night­mare Pro Wrestling story arc ready and with dig­i­tal com­mis­sions, so I sketched out the line work very quickly. It added a bit of a grungy look to the draw­ing that I liked. The final image kept that as I also just quickly inked it and through on some col­ors. I’m really pleased with the way it turned out.

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Prince Devitt

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Prince Devitt! Here’s a recent com­mis­sion I did of Prince Devitt! I wanted to draw him in action so I chose to draw him doing the Stomp off the top rope. He had a lot of body paint to choose from but I went for the Anti-Venom one as you still could make out more of his fea­tures in the draw­ing.
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Digital Commissions Closed!

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Digital Commissions - Info
Dig­i­tal Com­mis­sions OPEN! For a short time I’ll be doing Dig­i­tal Com­mis­sions! If you ever wanted a com­mis­sion now is a good time to pick one up. These are less expen­sive than my tra­di­tional com­mis­sions since there’s no print­ing costs.
How does it work?
  1. Just fill out the form below with what you want in your commission
  2. I’ll let you know the final price (based on # of char­ac­ters and if you want color)
  3. Send the pay­ment through paypal
  4. I’ll email you a high-res image that you can print or use any way you like
Dig­i­tal Com­mis­sions are now closed! I want to thank every­body that pick one up, you all ROCK!
I’ll post up when I open up Dig­i­tal Com­mis­sions again.

Dean Ambrose vs Cesaro

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Dean Ambrose vs Cesaro -  Monday Night Draw
Dean Ambrose vs Cesaro! A fun edi­tion of Raw this week fol­low­ing the Bat­tle­ground pay-per-view. A lot of excit­ing things hap­pened to move story lines for­ward but I was excited to see Ambrose go up against Cesaro (who is no longer with Hey­man) and I couldn’t help but be inter­ested in who would win the match and how would it be done. Looks like WWE is estab­lish­ing Ambrose as the crazy anti-hero even fur­ther by hav­ing him hit Cesaro with the chair to end the match. I really like these two guys and I’m eager to see where they go.

I wanted to do a cool action bat­tle pose between the two in this week’s sketch. I also wanted it to look a lit­tle more real­is­tic while still keep­ing them both in my style. I found myself really get­ting into draw­ing this sketch and even added some extra details. I’ve said it so many times but I’ll say it again, Dean Ambrose is the most fun to draw because of his crazy, over the top expressions.

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