The Miz Spray Tan

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The Miz spray tan!
The Miz spray tan! I was not behind Miz’s new gim­mick at first. Frankly, I haven’t been a fan of the Miz in a long time. All that changed when he brought out Damien Sandow as his body dou­ble. I’m really enjoy­ing how cre­ative they are being giv­ing his char­ac­ter fun celebrity char­ac­ter­is­tics. I’m hop­ing the gim­mick lasts and that it goes far but I guess we’ll have to see. This week’s Mon­day Night Draw is inspired by the pho­tos Dolph Zig­gler showed on RAW. I thought it was funny that every pic Zig­gler showed and made fun of (one of Miz in a hair dying cap, one of Miz, shav­ing his chest, and the one of him get­ting spray tanned by Sandow) are all things every wrestling espe­cially Dolph Zig­gler prob­a­bly does.

I took a lit­tle bit of lib­erty with Miz’s face to make him look more like the Miz. Also felt adding the shades would look a lot more fun. I also didn’t want to pix­e­late his rear and thought it would be even fun­nier to have a big cen­sored sign instead. Been crazy busy these last few days. Sorry this one is a lit­tle late.


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The Mega Powers and Prince Devitt

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Prince Devitt - Carnage The Mega Powers!
The Mega Pow­ers and Prince Devitt! Here are my final com­mis­sions I just fin­ished up. One is of Prince Devitt in Car­nage body paint and the other is of the tag team (tem­po­rary tag team) of “Macho Man” Randy Sav­age and Hulk Hogan. Thanks to Jamie Pater­son and Dar­ius Payne for ask­ing for and pick­ing these commissions!




Brock Lesnar WWE World Heavyweight Champion

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Brock Lesnar WWE World Heavyweight Champion
Brock Lesnar WWE World Heavy­weight Cham­pion! Been really busy lately and this is actu­ally last week’s Mon­day Night Draw. I wasn’t really sure what to draw, to be hon­est. I didn’t want to draw another Rollins and Ambrose sketch (despite how fun it is to draw Dean Ambrose). When I saw Brock pre­sent­ing the new WWE cham­pi­onship belt I thought it would be a lot of fun to draw.
I went for a more car­toony style this time around, closer to my Night­mare Pro Wrestling comic book style, just for fun. I wanted to see how far I could push the look of each char­ac­ter and still know who they were. I’m hop­ing to get a chance next time to try and push things even further.

Hope you enjoy, thanks!

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