Dean Ambrose

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Dean Ambrose tears contract - Jon David Guerra
Dean Ambrose! I have to admit I actu­ally didn’t see this episode of Raw, it was even here in Austin and I didn’t attend either. From what I’ve read the show wasn’t that great except for a cou­ple of matches. I saw an image on Twit­ter of Dean Ambrose tear­ing up Seth Rollin’s Money in the Bank con­tract and that was pretty awe­some. I had to draw that for this week’s sketch!

I quickly checked out the clip on just so I could make sure to know what was going on and then started the sketch. I went about this sketch a lit­tle dif­fer­ently. I’ve been very  busy with get­ting the next Night­mare Pro Wrestling story arc ready and with dig­i­tal com­mis­sions, so I sketched out the line work very quickly. It added a bit of a grungy look to the draw­ing that I liked. The final image kept that as I also just quickly inked it and through on some col­ors. I’m really pleased with the way it turned out.

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Prince Devitt

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Prince Devitt! Here’s a recent com­mis­sion I did of Prince Devitt! I wanted to draw him in action so I chose to draw him doing the Stomp off the top rope. He had a lot of body paint to choose from but I went for the Anti-Venom one as you still could make out more of his fea­tures in the draw­ing.
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Digital Commissions Closed!

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Digital Commissions - Info
Dig­i­tal Com­mis­sions OPEN! For a short time I’ll be doing Dig­i­tal Com­mis­sions! If you ever wanted a com­mis­sion now is a good time to pick one up. These are less expen­sive than my tra­di­tional com­mis­sions since there’s no print­ing costs.
How does it work?
  1. Just fill out the form below with what you want in your commission
  2. I’ll let you know the final price (based on # of char­ac­ters and if you want color)
  3. Send the pay­ment through paypal
  4. I’ll email you a high-res image that you can print or use any way you like
Dig­i­tal Com­mis­sions are now closed! I want to thank every­body that pick one up, you all ROCK!
I’ll post up when I open up Dig­i­tal Com­mis­sions again.