Luna and Haunted Suzie Designs

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Luna & Haunted Suzie Designs

Yes­ter­day was Wednes­day and that means it was NPW Women’s Cham­pi­onship day! I’m still not a 100% on that title.…
Any way, here are some char­ac­ter designs for the first issue.
Luna and her oppo­nent Haunted Suzie. Luna is a lit­tle dif­fer­ent from her orig­i­nal NPW design. I made her thicker and tougher look­ing, ready to kick some mon­ster tail. Down­sized her hat too, since I want her to be wear­ing it in the ring while she wres­tles.
Haunted Suzie is a com­bi­na­tion of Kayako from the J-horor series The Grudge, Sadako from The Ring, and 80’s G.L.O.W. wrestler Demen­tia. Wanted to keep her cute with abil­ity to get really creepy when she needs to be.

Really look­ing for­ward to get­ting started on some pages. If all goes well, I’ll be start­ing those next Wednesday.

Page 12 Celebs in the Crowd

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Page 12 NPW Fans
Just for fun I’m going start iden­ti­fy­ing the movie mon­sters I draw into every crowd shot of Night­mare Pro Wrestling. Start­ing with page 12.

Mon­ster #1: The Sum­mer­ween Trick­ster
Summerween Trickster
From the the ‘Sum­mer­ween’ episode of one of my favorite car­toons, Grav­ity Falls. He threat­ens to eat the kids of the show if they don’t col­lect 500 can­dies before the last Jack’o melon is blown out. One of the more fight­ing char­ac­ters on the show, I have a soft spot for him as the Sum­mer­ween episode was the first episode I saw of this car­toon and loved it.
You can watch the full episode over on

Mon­ster #2 and 3: The Mas­ter and Torgo
Manos: The Hands of Fate
The Mas­ter and his ser­vant Torgo are from the B movie ‘Manos: The Hands of Fate.’ The plot of the movie is a fam­ily gets lost while trav­el­ing and stum­bles upon a hid­den house where a devil wor­ship­ing cult lives, led by the Master.…or some­thing like that. I was intro­duced to this movie through Mys­tery Sci­ence The­atre. The MST3K episode is pretty great and is one of my favorites. The movie itself is pretty hor­ri­ble. In a fun kind of way but def­i­nitely more enjoy­able with Mys­tery Sci­ence The­atre Guys riff­ing on it. You can watch the whole MST3K episode on Youtube. Watch it if you DARE!

Mon­ster #4: Insid­i­ous Demon
Insidious demon  Insidious demon
I was just think­ing what hor­ror movies I’ve enjoyed recently and thought of Insid­i­ous. So I threw in the demon from the movie. The movie, even thought not as scary as I heard, was still enjoy­able and I liked it.

Mon­ster #5–8: The Mer­rye fam­ily
The Merrye family Spider Baby
I’ve been mean­ing to put Vir­ginia, Eliz­a­beth, Ralph, and their guardian/chauffeur Bruno into a crowd shot some­time. The Mer­rye fam­ily is from one my all time favorite movies, Spi­der Baby. The movie is a 1968 black com­edy hor­ror film, writ­ten and directed by Jack Hill and stars Lon Chaney, Jr. as Bruno, who devotes him­self to three demented sib­lings after their father’s death. I also really love the intro song and have it on my Hal­loween playlist, so I included the intro on the last video below.


Page 12 Pencils and Inks

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Page 12 Digital Pencils & Inks
Dig­i­tal pen­cils and inks for Issue 4 page 12. “Gor­geous” Ben­jamin Rat­fang mak­ing his way to the ring.
Going to have him cut­ting a promo in the next cou­ple of pages and if there was ever any doubt of who he was inspired by, the promo will def­i­nitely be a dead give­away.
Also have a fun crowd shot in the first panel with some lesser known, B-movie mon­sters. Going to be spot light­ing them once the page is done, just incase you don’t rec­og­nize them.