Ghost King is HERE!

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Ghost King mini comic!  Ghost King interiors! Ghost King 4 pages of Extras!

Ghost King is here! My Ghost King Mini comics came in today and they look great! In case you haven’t heard yet, I will be debut­ing them at Sta­ple this week­end, March 2–3. Color cover, black and white inte­ri­ors, and four pages of bonus con­tent and sketches! I had a lot of fun mak­ing this comic and really happy with the way it turned out. I’m con­sid­ered doing all my future comics this way.…but let’s see what happens.

NPW Page 15 Inks

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NPW Page 15 Inks

NPW Page 15 Inks! Here are the dig­i­tal inks for Night­mare Pro Wrestling Issue 4, Page 15. I was hop­ing to post up a side by side com­par­i­son of  the pen­cils and inks of the page, like I usu­ally do but I some­how deleted the dig­i­tal pen­cil layer with­out even notic­ing. Yikes! Glad I don’t really need the pen­cil layer but it would have been nice to post it.

STAPLE Table #23!

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STAPLE! Table# 23!

Sta­ple Table #23!
Nicole and I will be at Sta­ple! Inde­pen­dent Media Expo TABLE #23 Sat­ur­day and Sun­day March 2–3, 2013 in Austin at the March­esa Hall and The­ater! We’ll be sell­ing all comics and prints in the above image. I’ll be debut­ing GHOST KING and my WRAITH print. SO, stop by and check out all the awe­some artists that are gonna be there. Pick up some comics and art!