Texas Frightmare Weekend 2013

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Texas Fright­mare Week­end 2013. Had a great time at Texas Fright­mare Week­end. I went with my Buddy Ron Scott from the Strange Kids Club. We got lost in Dal­las a few times and now I’m sure that Dal­las and the Bermuda Tri­an­gle are con­nected, some­how. Good news is we made it to the show, set up, and had a blast. Even had some­body pick up my ‘Nancy’ sketch. Some odd things to note, Danny Trejo walked into a restau­rant we were eat­ing at, he’s a lot shorter than I thought he would be. We had a moment where Dee Wal­lace came over to our table, hung out a bit, and picked up some Strange Kids Club stick­ers. When the show came to an end, we packed up and got in an ele­va­tor with a chatty Tom Sker­ritt.  Despite being really tired by the end of Sun­day I had a good time. I even remem­bered to take some pics!

Tx Fightmare 2013
Table set up Predators love Nightmare Pro Wrestling comics! Killer Klowns from Outer Space Giant Goblin(?) Skinned head Zombie Couple Monster mom Evil Baby

Antonio Cesaro’s Punch-Out!

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Anto­nio Cesaro’s Punch-Out! I’m out of town for the next few days on vaca­tion, how­ever I’m sched­ul­ing a few cool posts to go up dur­ing the week. I’m going to start with this video I ran across. It’s a match between Anto­nio Cesaro and Tyson Kidd with Nintendo’s ‘Punch-Out’ sound effects added to it! This is so great! I couldn’t stop laugh­ing at how per­fect it was. I’m a big fan of Cesaro and Kidd. Tyson Kidd has been out with an injury recently and WWE hasn’t been doing a lot with him while he wasn’t injured. Cesaro how­ever, con­tin­ues to move up the lad­der. I’m look­ing for­ward to where his career goes in the WWE.

Grave Fan Art!

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Grave Fan Art by Jeff Crowther

Grave Fan Art by Jeff Crowther. Jeff Crowther sent me this amaz­ing Grave fan art the other day! I love Jeff’s work, espe­cially his use of color. He does one of my favorite web­comics called Yeti 4 Hire, such a fun comic! Not only that it has great char­ac­ter designs and is a per­fect exam­ple of how great his col­ors are.  Make sure to check it out and also check out his web­site for more cool stuff, over at Odd­ity Comics.

What’s Going On!?

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 Why!? Why!? Why!?

What’s Going On!? Haven’t posted for a while, been really busy. Busy, busy, busy! I’ve been try­ing to fin­ish up issue four and send it to the printer so I can get the issues in time for Comic­palooza. Also, turns out I’ll be going to Texas Fright­mare week­end after all and I’ve been fin­ish­ing up a few things so I can at least get some sketch cards ready for that show. All that plus life, has slowed down the NPW posts. I should have the last pages for Issue 4 done soon. Be on the look out for Night­mare Pro Wrestling Issue 4 page 17, next week!