What’s Going On!?

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 Why!? Why!? Why!?

What’s Going On!? Haven’t posted for a while, been really busy. Busy, busy, busy! I’ve been try­ing to fin­ish up issue four and send it to the printer so I can get the issues in time for Comic­palooza. Also, turns out I’ll be going to Texas Fright­mare week­end after all and I’ve been fin­ish­ing up a few things so I can at least get some sketch cards ready for that show. All that plus life, has slowed down the NPW posts. I should have the last pages for Issue 4 done soon. Be on the look out for Night­mare Pro Wrestling Issue 4 page 17, next week!

Only God Forgives — Movie Sketch

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Only God Forgives-Sketch

Only God For­gives” Movie Sketch.
I’m a big fan of Nico­las Wind­ing Refn’s movie “Drive” star­ring Ryan Gosling. When I heard that they both were going to make another movie together called “Only God For­gives”, I had to check out the trailer as soon as it came out. Really excited for this movie! The visu­als, just like Drive, look amaz­ing. There’s this one shot in the trailer that I based my sketch on. It just had to be done!
Again focused on speed. Tried doing the sketch as quickly as pos­si­ble. Also focused on design this time. Tried to make it look as cool as pos­si­ble with what lit­tle time I had. Fin­ished sketch clocked in around 20 minutes.

Stars in the Crowd on Page 16!


Page16 - the Crowd

Stars in the Crowd on Page 16! In the third panel on Page 16 you might rec­og­nize some famil­iar faces. If you don’t you should go check them out! Here are the big names in the crowd.

Darrin Stephens-Lab Bugs    Grave by Darrin Stephens

Let’s start off with Dar­rin Stephens’s slugs in the upper right cor­ner. These guys are from Darrin’s comic strip that now goes by the name  Lab­Bugs, a great strip that man­ages to make me laugh with it’s humor and Darrin’s abil­ity to cre­ate some great facial expres­sions for  his char­ac­ters. If the style of his work and his name look famil­iar, Dar­rin also did some pretty great fan art of Night­mare Pro Wrestling’s pro­tag­o­nist, Grave!

Taco Head Taco Head

The sin­is­ter taco headed indi­vid­ual to the left is none other than the trag­i­cally mutated vil­lain… Taco Head! Who wishes to free all fast food from the evil of human­ity.  I love the design of this char­ac­ter. Taco Head is the vil­lain in Jeff Crowther’s web­comic Yeti 4 Hire, I dis­cov­ered this web­comic  while back and it quickly made it to the top of my list.  Jeff also man­ages to put out a great page every time. It’s always fun and has an amaz­ing color to it.

Cap'n Cat  Cap'n Cat Cap'n Cat

The three felines down at the bot­tom of the panel are from a mini-comic I pick up a while back called Cap’n Cat: For­mer Shark Hunter by Anne and Jerzy Drozd. Jerzy is one of my favorite cre­ators, always putting out some great work, full of fun and imag­i­na­tion. Cap’n Cat: For­mer Shark Hunter is no dif­fer­ent. Need proof, here’s the syn­op­sis for the mini-comic: “Retired shark hunter Cap’n Lao’s only desire is to spend his twi­light years catch­ing deli­cious fish. But the Shark World has sworn vengeance, and they hunt him across the seas!” How cool is that?!

Fright Night Fright Night

The group of vam­pires right by the gang of Cap’n Cat are from Fright Night. I have yet to see the remake but the 1985 movie is prob­a­bly one of my all time favorite hor­ror movies and def­i­nitely my favorite vam­pire movie. How can you not love a movie with Chris Saran­don as an evil vampire?

MST3K-SoulTaker  MST3K-SoulTaker

Finally, the two indi­vid­u­als dressed in black, right above the cats, are from the hor­ri­ble 80’s movie ‘Soul­taker.’ I mean ‘hor­ri­ble’ in a great way. I’ve only seen the Mys­tery Sci­ence The­atre 3000 ver­sion and is on of my pre­ferred episodes. It’s ridicu­lous. It’s over the top. It’s unin­ten­tion­ally hilar­i­ous. The MST3K riff­ing only adds to how funny it is. I went ahead and included a MST3K ‘Best of’ vid instead of the trailer.