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Only God Forgives – Movie Sketch

Only God Forgives – Movie Sketch published on No Comments on Only God Forgives – Movie Sketch

Only God Forgives-Sketch

“Only God Forgives” Movie Sketch.
I’m a big fan of Nicolas Winding Refn’s movie “Drive” starring Ryan Gosling. When I heard that they both were going to make another movie together called “Only God Forgives”, I had to check out the trailer as soon as it came out. Really excited for this movie! The visuals, just like Drive, look amazing. There’s this one shot in the trailer that I based my sketch on. It just had to be done!
Again focused on speed. Tried doing the sketch as quickly as possible. Also focused on design this time. Tried to make it look as cool as possible with what little time I had. Finished sketch clocked in around 20 minutes.

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