In my pur­suit to increase my comic book out­put, I have started cre­at­ing ‘NPW: WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP.’ This will be a series of mini comics that I plan to be putting out on a reg­u­lar basis.
Noth­ing has been com­pletely final­ized yet, It’s just an idea at the moment, with the main goal being to make sure and  keep the comic fun.
I want to put this out quicker than the reg­u­lar NPW comic so I’m going to be keep­ing it black and white and leav­ing it in my dig­i­tal pen­cils.
I also will be putting pages up online. Right now I’m think­ing I’ll be post­ing the pages as blog entries here on the site and maybe
cre­ate a sep­a­rate web­site for it over on Tumblr.

Until then enjoy this con­cept sketch!