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NPW Women’s Championship – Character Designs

NPW Women’s Championship – Character Designs published on 4 Comments on NPW Women’s Championship – Character Designs

Mona the Mummy by Jon David Guerra
Pearl by Jon David GuerraBig Killa Kappa by Jon David Guerra
NPW Women’s Championship – Character Designs. Here are designs for the Nightmare Pro Wrestling Women’s Championship Mini-Comic I’m doing. The story and characters have changed a lot since I first started this concept. Originally the main character was going to be Luna but I couldn’t get a good story concept for her—it just seemed like I was trying too hard. It eventually donned on me to try designing a different protagonist and came up with Mona the Mummy! After several design attempts I finally landed on this character design and group of characters for the first issue. Mona the Mummy is the protagonist of the story. Pearl will be Mona’s Manager. and Big Killa Kappa is Mona’s opponent in Issue 1. Hoping to have the first issue of this done as well as a mini-comic about the Tag Team Titles, and issue 5 of NPW done in time for





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