NPW Women’s Championship — Character Designs

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Mona the Mummy by Jon David Guerra
Pearl by Jon David GuerraBig Killa Kappa by Jon David Guerra
NPW Women’s Cham­pi­onship — Char­ac­ter Designs. Here are designs for the Night­mare Pro Wrestling Women’s Cham­pi­onship Mini-Comic I’m doing. The story and char­ac­ters have changed a lot since I first started this con­cept. Orig­i­nally the main char­ac­ter was going to be Luna but I couldn’t get a good story con­cept for her—it just seemed like I was try­ing too hard. It even­tu­ally donned on me to try design­ing a dif­fer­ent pro­tag­o­nist and came up with Mona the Mummy! After sev­eral design attempts I finally landed on this char­ac­ter design and group of char­ac­ters for the first issue. Mona the Mummy is the pro­tag­o­nist of the story. Pearl will be Mona’s Man­ager. and Big Killa Kappa is Mona’s oppo­nent in Issue 1. Hop­ing to have the first issue of this done as well as a mini-comic about the Tag Team Titles, and issue 5 of NPW done in time for