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Which Witch is Which?

Which Witch is Which? published on 4 Comments on Which Witch is Which?

The Witch

Every now and then I’ll run into this person at comic conventions I’m tabling at. Always snarky and mean spirited. So far always female and always sure to be loud enough so I can hear what she has to say. She’s never dressed like that, I’m just trying to get across how I feel about the whole thing.
Nothing like venting as an artist. :)



In my pursuit to increase my comic book output, I have started creating ‘NPW: WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP.’ This will be a series of mini comics that I plan to be putting out on a regular basis.
Nothing has been completely finalized yet, It’s just an idea at the moment, with the main goal being to make sure and  keep the comic fun.
I want to put this out quicker than the regular NPW comic so I’m going to be keeping it black and white and leaving it in my digital pencils.
I also will be putting pages up online. Right now I’m thinking I’ll be posting the pages as blog entries here on the site and maybe
create a separate website for it over on Tumblr.

Until then enjoy this concept sketch!

Christian Bale Sketches

Christian Bale Sketches published on No Comments on Christian Bale Sketches

Crazy Christian Bale Sketches

I was on vacation since last Thursday and didn’t really get a chance to draw. Now that I’m back I needed to get into my drawing groove so I decided to do some random warm up sketches. This morning I had a conversation with Nicole about Christian Bale so I thought he would be interesting to draw.

My first inclination was to draw him realistic but where’s the fun in that? I quickly told myself to have fun and try drawing him in my style.

Highlight of the sketches, drawing his nose. He got an interesting nose. I also decided to give the majority of the sketches crazy eyes. It just seemed like the right thing to do.

I’m also posting the Bale pics I used for the sketches just for comparison. I went with 3 of my favorite  movies that he’s starred in. Reign of Fire (a guilty pleasure), Dark Knight, American Psycho, and then went with a random pic that showed up on the image search.
Random Bale pics

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