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SummerSlam Sale

SummerSlam Sale published on No Comments on SummerSlam Sale

Summerslam Sale! I’m having a SummerSlam SALE over on the NPW shop! Pick up Comics, prints, and mini prints of Nightmare Pro Wrestling or of your favorite wrestlers. I’m planning on removing old Monday Night Draw prints so nab them while you still can!
Use the code “NPWSLAM” to get 20% off on all items.
Sale ends Monday!



What I’ve been up to

What I’ve been up to published on No Comments on What I’ve been up to

Been really busy lately. Trying to get a lot of things done by the end of May for Comicpalooza and Texas Comiccon in June.

Finally sent all the new NPW Cover designs printed. Unfortunately they were going to be too expensive to get them here in time for Comicpalooza so they will have their first comic convention appearance at Texas Comicon in San Antonio.

Also been working on some more Art Prints. At the moment I’m doing some more NPW prints and some of my favorite Pro Wrestlers. There were quite a few wrestling fans that showed up to Tx Frightmare weekend. Didn’t surprise me too much since Roddy Piper was there for a “They Live” reunion with Keith David.  Here’s some line work of the current CM Punk print I’m working on.

CMPunk Art Print-Thumb


First NPW Art Print Is Done!

First NPW Art Print Is Done! published on No Comments on First NPW Art Print Is Done!

Nightmare Pro Wrestling Print

Finally finished up the first ever Art Print for Nightmare Pro Wrestling.

Had a lot of fun testing out new coloring techniques and coloring styles. I’m hoping to get a couple more finished up in time for Texas Comiccon, in June.

Will have it up in the shop soon!

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