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Finn Balor and Samoa Joe

Finn Balor and Samoa Joe published on No Comments on Finn Balor and Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe and Finn Balor - By Jon David Guerra
Finn Balor and Samoa Joe! Here’s todays morning warm up sketch of Finn Balor and Samoa Joe, now competing in NXT’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic as a Tag Team.  I focused on action, dramatic poses and speed as I gave myself a 30 minute time limit to finish up the sketch.





NXT R EVOLUTION published on No Comments on NXT R EVOLUTION
NXT R Evolution
NXT R Evolution FanArt – Jon David Guerra

NXT R EVOLUTION! The best thing going on in WWE right now is NXT! Great wrestlers. Great characters. Great wrestling. And something I really appreciate, it has great but simple storytelling. Nothing embodied all of those things than NXT’s special event, NXT: R-EVOLUTION. That show along with WrestleKingdom 9, got me excited about Pro Wrestling again. It inspired me to start doing NXT sketches every week in place of the Monday Night Draw sketches I do of Raw. This is the beginning of that, a print of pretty much every wrestler involved in NXT: R-Evolution.

The Art Print is available for Pre-Order over on the Nightmare Pro Wrestling Shop!





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