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Sin Cara Rider!

Sin Cara Rider! published on No Comments on Sin Cara Rider!

Sin Cara Rider

A lot of people say that Sin Cara looks like a Power Ranger.
He reminds me a little more of Kamen Rider.
Here are some fun warm up sketches I did of him as the SIN CARA RIDER!
Come on WWE! Give him a cool red scarf, let him speed into the ring with a cool motorcycle, and give him…a giant robot? Sure, why not?

Strange Kids Anthology Update!

Strange Kids Anthology Update! published on No Comments on Strange Kids Anthology Update!

SKC Real Ghostbusters Comic
Page 1 of my finished Ghostbusters comic for the Strange Kids Club Anthology #3.
Created a mixture of the cartoon with bits and scenes from the first movie.
Here’s a link to the digital pencils and inks for this page, that I posted a while back.

SKC Anthology 3

SKC Anthology 3 published on No Comments on SKC Anthology 3

SKC Ghostbusters Parody

Been working on a four page mini comic for the Strange Kids Club’s 3rd anthology. It’s a parody of the cartoon “The Real Ghostbusters” and has bits from the first movie.

Here are the digital pencils and inks of the first page. I’ll be posting up the full colored page later this week.

What I’ve learned doing this project:

1. Don’t fight your own style. For some reason I went into the project trying to make it a little more realistic version of the cartoon. That process turned into a pain. When I just went with my own style things quickly got done and came to together. I still tried to keep the characters the main features from the cartoon, like their hair,  while also trying to recreate some scenes from the movie, all while maintaining my style.

2. I hate drawing buildings. I really do. I just would get bored drawing them, so I simplified them as much as I could, while still trying to maintain the look of some of the more iconic scenes from the movie.

3. It’s okay to recycle some drawings. I went ahead and reused some of the same drawings I had done from other pages of the comic. I did change them enough so they wouldn’t look exactly the same. This saved me a lot of time. And yes, the people running are the same people running in my Rodan print. Just touched them up a little.



Marrowbones Fan art

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Nora & Ollie

Here’s some  Fan Art I did for Eric Orchard’s Marrobones comic. It’s a great story with some amazing art and you can pick it up as a digital download on his site for only $2! Eric has created a fun spooky little world, where Nora (an orphan)  is rescued by her werewolf uncle to live with him at his inn at Marrowbones Swamp. She befriends ghosts and creatures there, like a nervous vampire called Ollie, who is by far my favorite.

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