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Finn Balor

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Finn Balor Sketch - Jon David Guerra
Finn Balor! I’m going to be putting together a sketchbook inspired by NXT and it’s amazing roster! Here’s a sketch of Finn Balor…if his body paint was more of a Venom type symbiote. The book will consist of a few sketches of wrestlers with one full color sketch of a wrestler, like this one. I’m hoping to finish it in time for Comicpalooza. After that you will also be able to pick one up on the Nightmare Pro Wrestling Shop!
Finn Balor, the former Prince Devitt, is quickly becoming one of my favorite Wrestlers on the show. Here’s hoping he changes up his body paint more often since it’s been a little similar the last couple of times.  I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, I’m really enjoying NXT and it’s by far the best product WWE is currently putting out. I’m pretty much just paying for the WWE Network to see NXT.






NXT R EVOLUTION published on No Comments on NXT R EVOLUTION
NXT R Evolution
NXT R Evolution FanArt – Jon David Guerra

NXT R EVOLUTION! The best thing going on in WWE right now is NXT! Great wrestlers. Great characters. Great wrestling. And something I really appreciate, it has great but simple storytelling. Nothing embodied all of those things than NXT’s special event, NXT: R-EVOLUTION. That show along with WrestleKingdom 9, got me excited about Pro Wrestling again. It inspired me to start doing NXT sketches every week in place of the Monday Night Draw sketches I do of Raw. This is the beginning of that, a print of pretty much every wrestler involved in NXT: R-Evolution.

The Art Print is available for Pre-Order over on the Nightmare Pro Wrestling Shop!





Grave Fan Art by Jerzy Drozd!

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Grave by Jerzy Drozd!

Grave Fan Art by Jerzy Drozd! I was on Twitter last night checking up on what was going on with WWE Raw and found that one of my favorite artists, Jerzy Drozd, had done some fan art of GRAVE! He looks so cool, check out that action pose! I’ve admired Jerzy’s work for comics for a long time. In fact, he along with the other members of the Art and Story crew inspired me to start my own comics.  He still continues to inspire with his amazing work and informative podcast. Go check out his site Comic are Great!

The Wraith-Art Print

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The Wraith-Art Print


Finished with ‘The Wraith’ art print. Again, It’s based on the 1986 movie of the same name.  Here’s the plot summary I got off of IMDB: “A small desert town has been harassed for months by a gang of drag racers, but so far no one has done anything to stop them. One day, a ghostly black car shows up, challenging members of the group to race, then killing them one by one. Neither the gang nor the police can catch the car or its driver, but some investigating into the gang’s past may reveal just who’s behind all this.”
I remember watching this a lot back when I was younger, catching it on cable often and loving it. I revisited the movie a few days ago, after I heard the guys over on the Cult Film Podcast talking about it and I still love it. I did find it a little funny to see a young Charlie Sheen in the lead role, especially after who he is now. All in all The Wraith is still a lot of fun and I recommend it to anyone who loves 80’s movies or just wants to watch something out of the ordinary.

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