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The New NPW website!

The New NPW website! published on No Comments on The New NPW website!

The RockHere we go! The new website is finally up and here’s my first blog post. I designed the site with new images and colors to help compliment the spooky atmosphere of the comic.

So…what’s new on the site? Pretty much everything! I’ve added an updated Roster page, with new images of the characters and their stats. More NPW Wrestlers coming soon! There’s a shop now, so you can pick up the first the three issues, separately or in a 3 pack (with a sweet NPW Championship belt!). The site also has a Fan Art section on the Extras page! So feel free to send some in of your favorite NPW characters. I have also included some links to my favorite websites for artistic inspiration, great artists, or just awesome sites.

Now let’s talk NPW comic updates. Issue 4 will officially start Monday, January 30. I was hoping to get some pages up this week but the website was a much bigger task than I thought it would be. I also just want to create a small buffer for the comic, so I wont have to worry too much when things get busy.

The new NPW site might up but it’s far from done. Let me know if you find any bugs or broken links. Any other suggestions are also welcome.

Time to push Nightmare Pro Wrestling into high gear!



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