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Aleister Black

Aleister Black published on No Comments on Aleister Black

Wow, haven’t posted in a long while. Thought I go ahead and start up again by doing a post on the Morning Warmup sketch I did this morning.
I’ve been doing quick Warmup sketches every now and then right before I jump in to Nightmare Pro Wrestling comic pages.
This one is of Aleister Black. Been a fan of Tommy End from what I’ve seen of him on PWG. He’s got a cool look and I’m really liking what he’s doing now that he’s in NXT.
I’m really looking forward to seeing his Pro Wrestling career grow in the WWE.

Here’s the sketch with progressions line work, starting with a quick sketch, getting in some detail, adding in final details, colors, and adding shadows.

Aleister Black quick sketch.

Aleister Black, adding in details.

Aleister Black, adding more details.

Aleister Black, inked and flat colors.

Aleister Black, Final with shadows.

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