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Jon & Nicole Profile pic
Jon David Guerra
& Nicole Guerra:

Raised on a heathy dose of comics, cartoons, monsters and pro-wrestling, Jon fused these four loves into his self-published comic series, Nightmare Pro Wrestling, co-written with Nicole.

Nicole gets inspiration from writer/illustrators like Arnold Lobel and Edward Gorey. She just finished writing and illustrating her first self-published children’s book, Zaddison and the Mysterious Dark, available at

 Nightmare Pro Wrestling:

In the Nightmare Universe, Pro Wrestling is the most popular form of entertainment. Monsters who qualify, join Wrestling Federations in hopes of becoming their World Heavyweight Champion. The largest and most infamous of these federations is Nightmare Pro Wrestling.

A young monster by the name of Grave seeks to become a renowned wrestling champion and legend. Grave grows stronger with every match, despite his cowardly friend and Tag Team Partner, Lobo, who would prefer to find a less demanding way to make it to the top.

Nightmare Pro Wrestling Intro:
(make sure to read this in a Vincent Price voice)

Darkness falls across the land
Creatures crawl with tickets in hand
Be a part of the monster-mania
its been sold out for days, from here to Transylvania
those in front row please take caution
as these fierce monsters battle to be champion
come and watch each day of reckoning
welcome ghouls to NIGHTMARE PRO WRESTLING!


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